Become a contributor

Profile of Contributor and Community Member

  • Advocate of sustainability from the social, environmental and economic perspective.
  • Experience working in sustainability related topics.
  • Motivation to connect  with other actors and engage in constructive public debate that could lead to future action in a collaborative approach.
  • Willingness to share ideas, information and content in different formats related to their own work and sustainability related topics.
  • Motivation to generate an impact in the world to make it more sustainable, in a purpose-driven, empathic and collaborative way.
  • Is sensitive to the global problems and challenges we face today, and has the commitment to reverse this.

What can you do as contributor of +Sustainable?

  • Create content in different formats to be published and shared in a media platform and social networks. The formats could be written articles, images, audio/podcasts and videos.
  • Contact other contributors around the world and co-produce content.
  • Share your vision, ideas and opinions, problems and solutions, and personal projects within the platform.
  • Support the +S editorial team in the creation of content and access to different sources of information.

What can you do as community member of +Sustainable?

  • Be part of a global community of sustainability advocates.
  • Share content, information and best practices within the community.
  • Engage in the debate of global problems and solutions via the creation of debates and forums within the platform.
  • Be in touch with other community members, classify them by themes of expertise and geographical area, send contact invitations and messages.
  • Have a profile within the community and be contacted by other members.
  • Participate in offline events that could be organised by +Sustainable or organically by its community members
  • Form groups from where different actions could be triggered.

Future prospects for media platform and community

  • Co-create the platform with the community users, receive suggestions and build the platform according to the needs and new ideas.
  • Become medium of reference in sustainability related topics, improve the technology of the platform to foster the user-experience of the contributors.
  • Improve the technology and social network features of the community to generate a proper environment for social innovation.
  • Be in continuous contact of community members and serve as a support for their actions in sustainability-related topics.
  • The platform is initially being launched globally, with contributors and community members around the world. +Sustainable envisions local launches of the platform to improve the interaction between actors and be closer to problems and solutions implementation.